Thermic Applications

  • Challenge: this sector requires strong aeraulics skills and the several process expertises. The temperature is all the time a key challenge.
  • Solutions: fans with different steel types execution and equipped with cooling systems in regards to the high temperatures.
  • References: list of references on demand according the type application.

The thermic applications require often fans in many industrial business fields. The original equipment manufacturers include our fans in their machines as for example; boilers, burners, heat exchanger, ovens, dust extractors, etc….


The following functions must be ensured by fans with particular characteristics according the challenge to be met.


Combustion: fans high pressure for fluidized beds or for pulverized fuel boilers.


Cooling: reliability and energetic efficiency: for example, to ensure the lifetime of the oven walls or the melting tin bath in glass industry.


Smoke extraction: the fan is the real lung of the installation including combustion. The speed regulation ensures a light depression in the oven or the incinerator, whatever the production regime.


Recycling and/or reheating: the design of the fan should be compatible with operation temperature (up to 800°C) and if the oxidation of the product should be banned, the fluid processed might be a mix reduced of hydrogen and nitrogen: the fans are rigorously gas-tight and allow a secured operation of the installation.


Smokes dust extraction: the fan is in general downstream to the bag filters or electrostatic filter, close by the chimney.  According the flow and the pressure drop of the system, the absorbed power range is large, from 132 kW to 2500 kW. In addition to its reliability, the operation should be done with less noise possible, as the inlet/outlet noise is due to the smoke exhaust chimney.



Air Vision count among his clients many references for thermal applications, for example:


  • Smoke exhaust fans for glass furnace and steelwork plant.
  • Recirculating fan of HNx on the annealing tunnel furnace in steelwork plant.
  • Fans for annealing lehr
  • Smoke extraction fan on refuse incineration plant or industrial
  • Exhaust fan on waste heat boiler
  • Recirculation fan on wood drier, bricks driers, etc…
  • High pressure combustion air fan for boilers
  • Cooling fans for the walls of melting tin bath or the glass ovens.