• Challenge: the corrosion is the mail problem in composting unit.
  • Solution: fans with all possible iron type execution including sometimes plastic.
  • References: we’ve equipped a hundred composting sites with economical and efficient design.


On the composting sites, the fans ensure several functions.


The aeration, combined with humidity, plays a major role in the process of composting. The oxygen in the air is used in the breathing phase by the bacteria in the action of organic matter degradation, but the air is also necessary in maturation phase to turn cold and to dry the product. The oxygenation is done either by pulsing either by exhausting on the composting windrow.


The gas resulting from the decomposition processus contains VOC (volatile organic compounds)  but also sometimes solid compounds due to the ripple effect. The gas has to be treated in biofilters or either in gas scrubber.


The air is also used for fluidization of densimetric separator tables.

All these functions are ensured by centrifugal fans.

According the process, Air Vision is selecting a specific solution in accordance with the requirements specifications.


  • Fan with painting after sandblasting, hot dipped galvanized or Inox, according the gas aggressivity.
  • Overhung impeller direct driven on motor shaft or belt driven.
  • Shaft sealing
  • Heavy execution to face the use in cycles corresponding to discharge and filling phases of the tunnels or tanks.
  • Inspection door and/or quick dismounting of the casing for cleaning and impeller balancing.
  • Mobile fan on wheels for windrow blowing


The buildings that make up the entire platform must be ventilated, especially to ensure that there is no toxic gas pocket accumulation or malodorous (H2S, NH3, thiol, etc.). This function is ensured by axial transfer fan between reception hall, sorting facility, refining facility etc… and the roof extraction towers.